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For heaven, I find personally that I’m on an unbalanced plane inclining to ignoring it in the sense that I’m in an unbalanced plane inclining to ignoring people speaking of hell. All being said though, I also cannot dismiss that something of our personalities exist beyond the physical death. I don’t scoff at people with strong religious beliefs simply because if they get something out of it such as comfort or peace of mind, then I feel that it’s good for them, and that’s great. Either way, heaven is in our perceptions and the paradise we see in the world. And this can be better appreciated with ALS Scan.


Maybe heaven for most of us is natural beauty. For guys, that would go for the natural bore by women. So if you happen to be one of the guys who are so damn tired to gaze only at silicon-filled pornographic women, then the ALS is the best place for you to be. Now with it being a scan site, that means to say you get an overload of all the natural beauties of women, who don’t really need big breasts and huge asses to be thought as sexual goddesses, because they already are as a default condition!

You’re looking forward to a real treat here. ALS Scan’s photography shoots are quite impressive with 17 megapixels of seamless shots. There are over 1600 videos to prove the truth of that and these are all 20 minute short films. The girls are stunning, the entirety of the videos are stunning with the whole premise being way more than promising. Add to that the fact that you can actually chat with other subscribers and who knows you might be able to hook up with girls who happen to be fans of this feministically forged site. Wonderful!

I do have something against people forcing beliefs on others. If you have faith then, fine. If you don’t have faith then, fine. The only reason why coexisting is hard to achieve is because we think that a belief and the lack of a dogmatic belief outweighs, supersedes, and overtakes the other and is superior among all, and each being militant against the other. So if you don’t want any religious bias in your porn or highly commercialized women, come check out the massive amount of natural beauties in ALS Scan.

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Many have had intense passion for the giant tits that Kelly Madison is famous for. Those set of luscious boobs have made us develop a real fetish kind of desire for all things dealing with large breast. But that is just our thing, what’s your thing? Do you like seeing beautiful women, a take-charge kind of goddess? Do you crave for a porn paysite with thousands of pictures, movies, hardcore porn? Well, looking at this official site, we think we have something here for you to consider.


Over 2600 movies, over 95,000 pictures, over 400 GB of porn! That makes us over excited, over flowing with juices, overjoyed that Kelly offers so much inside her site. The structure of the site brings content up fast. It’s a clicking and selecting kind of process. And as you click and watch and move on, you will appreciate that the content is produced according to high standards. This is the official place Kelly fully commits all of her big natural breasts! But seriously, you get a personal touch with this site. Some things you may want to consider, there’s a section for her bio, blog, lots of information and opinions that she has about all topics sex wise.

As a gal of advanced sexual years, milf Kelly is perhaps more fuckable now than she was at twenty years old! Yap its true, for her things work in reverse. Her sexy features help her in convincing countless pornstars, amateurs, models, performers, and you the viewer to join her down the hardcore-sex-rabbit-hole! When all the sexing, insertions, licking, toy play, lesbian, hardcore pussy pounding is done, when it’s all done, well you will leave a very satisfied fan! This bi-sexual porn vixen has many friends; they are inside the friends section.

The site has clips, and full videos. Clips are 3 minutes full ones 7 minutes. Formats are not as profuse as we would like. Downloads and stream formats for movies are obtainable. The quality of resolution, so that you can clearly see Kelly’s full pussy, or see her swallow long cocks, is a very important topic of discussion. Actually, there isn’t that much to say, the site has material that is very high quality. Clarity and quality all the way.

The enlarged pictures in their nice resolution quality will help in enlarging your erection because they are done to perfection. There is classy photo shoots, nasty ones, ones with Kelly only, or with her sex friends, you just get lots of variety. Few trinkets here and there to make the site sparkle are added for you and other members. You can hear what Kelly Madison is whispering into your ear…pleasure with me is a must! That’s what we believe she is saying with her site anyway. Personally, just stop procrastinating and get inside, that’s our firm recommendation!

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Mofos Network is the best alternative you will find if you want some material with teens, amateur sex, but you don’t want the quality, or filming superb-ness, watered-down. They have eight sites inside comprising of weekly additions of material at least five new episodes every week. That’s a fast speed. To put everything in perceptive, you would need more than two thousand hours, that’s over eighty three days of continuous watching, that’s over two and half months of not switching off the porn coming your way! But if more is what your appetite demands then sample the 30-plus bonus sites that you are given, part of your membership.


This network has serious connections with Brazzers porn producers. But luckily, the parent does let the child find their own path as far as making porn is concerned. As a result, they have over one thousand six hundred models inside. They like doing the reality theme very much. Coeds get their turn, milfs, teens, amateurs, and you have to sample some of the harder gangbang, public sex, and interracial penetrations inside. Overall, we think variety gets to breathe inside this network. The design of this network was made to ease the life of all members, give members what they paid for. Customization is also another important feature, which means creating and editing lists, favorites, and choosing search preferences among other things.

Things you locate inside Mofos include… tabs, sections, top rated content, updates, links, information, archives, previews, upcoming, etc. In other words, this is a fully stocked bar of delicious porn you can be seriously wasted on! They have your streams and downloads there for you in 1080p full HD but also in 720p resolution. As a new network, they recognize the importance of mobile formats for a site like this. Mobile users get mobile file formats. Forty minutes of debauched amateur sex is how long videos are. Also, they have clips (1-5 minutes).

We are sure they have hundreds of movies and pictures, their numbers are not in doubt here. It’s a mixture of gals you get inside. They have amateurs, gals never before seen. They have pornstars but not many. They have teens, and gals who are close to porn-stardom but they aren’t there just yet! Anyway, the point being big boobs, soft asses, firm pussies, wet mouths, daring long legs, petite frames, curvy bodies…all these things the network can provide!

You may have voyeur inclinations, POV teens, or just need someone to take a sexy someone and deliver a healthy dose of dick, whatever your desires they look very capable of sating it. We talked of HD movies, they have high res imagery. Zipped file for image download. Niches and DVD, bonus sites and more Brazzers styled porn for you. Our Conclusion here is a pretty obvious thing…join Mofos Network posthaste. Biggest deal all-round really, check them out!