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I remember listening to one of my favorite author, Joshua Harris discussing about Elijah’s emotional breakdown. And for everyone who doesn’t know Elijah, he is one of God’s Old Testament prophets who is deeply in love with his ministry but was disheartened of how people still shun God despite all the obvious miracles manifested before them. What’s worst was, the evil queen Jezebel want him dead after his tactless remarks to her god Baal. This is something that every seventeen year old would ruminate on upon the time they hit their 20’s. Speaking of which, Club Seventeen has just revamped its database, so let’s review it.


Though it sounds like a scene from a movie, I must admit, I had my fair share of the longest five seconds of my life. And instead of enjoying the surreal experience, I woke myself up and ran. Trying to stay calm, I ushered myself out and rode a jeep. I knew I was still in the hang of it while travelling; people were strangely staring at me, I mean who wouldn’t? Involuntarily, though not heavily, my tears just flow out from my eyes as my hand began to feel cold.

No, I wasn’t experiencing hyperventilation or heart attack but my brain just can’t get over the fact of what my heart saw. This is how the story goes at the initial episode of the C17 sensual madness series. We can see all this pass and go and happen in the videos of the Club 17 now that they’re stories have gone richer and more profound. And to mix it in the most coquettish of elements makes everything more so exciting.

If there’s a perfect time to make things better by changing one’s perspective, that would be when they are 18, which is a legal staple that becomes obligatory. That means to say when you’re still 17 like the girls of the Club, you can still be excused for your hotness and libido-drive upon women your age and pretty much any girl who seems like a really great fuck material. The 455 DVD format videos will surely throw you off with their excellence. With every piece being a 150-minute full length piece, the entertainment factor just keeps getting bigger and more interesting, especially when watched with a partner.

There are download limits to the site and the streaming quality can be adjusted into HD unlike before. Club Seventeen has more to offer and they are yours to keep by getting a subscription.